NORTH KOREA: Korean War 60th Anniversary: Opening of cemetery in Pyongyang

View of darkness through plane window during landing EXT / NIGHT Silhouette of people standing on tarmac at airport INT COACH Journalists on board coach travelling towards Pyongyang Reporter sitting on bus TRACKING SHOT along road (seen through coach window) Pyongyang: DAY Side view face of coach driver Man driving coach carrying international media Convoy following coach Monument (seen through window) TRACKING SHOT past North Korean soldier saluting (seen through window) People disembarking bus (seen through window) EXT People arriving at opening of cemetery to mark 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War Elderly woman with walking stick arriving with others People arriving People arriving Minder speaking to journalist SOT - Sir, please follow me ok State minder gesturing to camera operator North Korean soldier and minder (?) covering camera lens with their hands Veterans wearing military medals Veteran being scanned by soldier at security check Officials arriving Kim Jong-un (Supreme Leader of North Korea) along to applause SOT Kim Jong-un cutting red ribbon to open cemetery Kim Jong-un inspecting cemetery Stretch Mercedes (carrying Kim Jong-un) driving away Reporter to camera People and soldiers looking at gravestones People looking at headstones Choe U Hye looking at her father's gravestone (he died in the Korean War) Side view upset Choe U Hye Close shot photograph of Choe U Hye's father on gravestone Choe U Hye interview SOT (see PAB for translation) - [on her feelings towards her neighbours to the South] There's no change in feelings, I can't forget the feeling of hatred, my son and daughter will take revenge for what they have done Gravestones in cemetery Kim Tae Yong interview SOT (see PAB for translation) - It's not over, the war's not over, we won't put down our guns until the Americans surrender INT COACH Journalists sitting on board coach Troop next to car (seen through window...


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