London Ambulance Service on alert because of increase in number of falls on ice

London Ambulance Service on alert because of increase in number of falls on ice; ENGLAND: London: EXT People along pavement covered in snow and ice Feet of people along pavement Paramedics standing next to ambulance as greeted by reporter Paramedic into ambulance INT AMBULANCE Various of paramedics in ambulance as along as talking about calls they receive about people who have slipped on ice SOT Paramedics in ambulance EXT Blue lights on ambulance flashing as sirens sound INT AMBULANCE POINT OF VIEW (POV) of paramedics as ambulance driven along road in response to emergency call Paramedic talking about the call they are responding to SOT EXT Paramedic ringing door bell INT Woman with pneumonia wearing oxygen mask Family members looking on Patient placed into wheelchair by paramedics EXT Patient wheeled along in wheelchair Patient wheeled to ambulance INT AMBULANCE Blood pressure cuff attached to arm of patient Patient in ambulance as along Paramedic talking about patients they need to be able to attend to SOT EXT Ambulance along past Ambulance turning corner and away Paramedics walking away towards building


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