Islamist forces retreat from northern town of Diabaly

Islamist forces retreat from northern town of Diabaly; MALI: EXT POV TRACKING SHOTS along country road leading to Diabaly in convoy of French marines Reporter sitting on armoured vehicle as along TRACKING SHOTS past herd of goats, poor village, BV French marines on armoured vehicle as along INT More marines inside armoured vehicle View through window of armoured vehicle EXT TRAKCING SHOT past man at side of road Diabaly: Local people standing watching troops arrive Man holding up French flag Soldiers amongst local people GVs Children bringing chairs for the visitors Tungara Mohammed (Trader) interview (translated) SOT - very happy Various shots of Malian troops on duty in town Tungara Mohammed (Trader) interview (translated) SOT - saying the moment the jihadis arrived the Malian troops fled Local man, holding mobile phone with picture of the Islamists Close Shot of picture on mobile phone Lasion Maiga (Unemployed) interview (translated) SOT - they had turbans, beards / they were muslims from Mauritania, Algeria, Afghanistan / knew their nationalities because we gathered their coins Various shots of local people gathered Reporter to camera BV Reporter being shown pharmacy that jihadis looted INT Reporter with locals in empty pharmacy Interior of mobile phone exchange destroyed by the jihadis Interior of hospital trashed by jihadis EXT GVs of wrecked army base Reporter looking at wreckage at army base Outskirts of town: GVs French troops patrolling neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Diabaly Nyamwe Traore (local eyewitness) interview (translated) SOT - Jihadis came / we heard gunfire Local men around destroyed jihadi truck (hit in French air strike)


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