Northern Ireland: flag protests: further violence in Belfast

Northern Ireland: flag protests: further violence in Belfast; NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast: EXT Loyalist demonstrators (rioters) throwing missiles at riot police in foreground - sound of gunshot heard SOT Riot police firing water cannon at rioters Riot police with dogs move back crwod of Loyalist demonstrators Riot police officer using baton (?) to move back demonstrator Injured riot police officer helped by colleagues as he lies on ground Loyalist protesters marching along street carrying Union Jack flags Protesters stand outside Belfast City Hall caryying Union Jack flags Union Jack flag with 'Happy Christmas' sign on City Hall in background Demonstrators along carrying banner - 'Defend Our Flag' Loyalist demonstrators along road (returning from city centre protest) Loyalist demonstrators along as coming under fire from missiles allegedly thrown by (unseen) Nationalists Loyalist demonstrators throwing back missiles Riot police moving Loyalist protesters along road Riot police clash with Loyalist protesters as attempting to move them along road Hooded youths (Loyalist protesters) thowing missiles in direction of riot police as water cannon fired in their direction NIGHT Burning car in street hosed down by fire fighters Small group of Loyalist (?) youths throwing missiles at armoured police vans Riot police and police vans gathered in street


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