Federal Reserve Chair Updates Senate Panel on Outlook for Employment, Inflation

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies during a semiannual report on the monetary policy to the Senate Banking committee that considerable uncertainty attends the economic outlook, including potential changes to fiscal policies in the path of productivity growth in addition to activity abroad. Yellen cites factors in monetary policy, including the federal funds rate based on developments overseas and keeping inflation near 2 percent and raising federal funds rate by a quarter of a percent. Yellen says that at upcoming meetings, the committee will evaluate whether employment and inflation are evolving in line with expectations, in which case she says further adjustment will likely be appropriate. Yellen says changes in policy would affect the economic outlook but it is too early to know what policy changes would be put in place and their effects would be, that while she wish not to opine on specific tax policies but recommends quickening the pace of economic growth, hoping policy changes would be consistent with the planned trajectory, one of many factors that influence the outlook.


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