Sailfish Create The World's Fastest Feeding Frenzy

Explosive footage show a high-velocity annual feeding frenzy involving the world's fastest ocean animal. Captured at the end of January a colossal army of spectacular Atlantic sailfish darted around with sword-like noses as they feasted on hundreds of sardines. Running scared, the hunted sardines formed impressive looking 'bait balls' where they huddled together in a desperate defensive manoeuvre designed to confuse the hunters and bring safety in numbers. But with up to three metres of predator bearing down on them at 70mph, escape is impossible, with all of the sardines eventually ending up us fast food for the even faster sailfish. The amazing incident was caught on camera 30 nautical miles off the Mexican coast at Isla Mujeres. Sailfish Create The World's Fastest Feeding Frenzy on March 29, 2011 in Mexico (Footage by Barcroft Media/Getty Images)


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Kollektion:Barcroft Media Video
Erstellt am:29. März 2011
Releaseangaben:Kein Release verfügbar. Weitere Informationen
Ort:Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Gemastert mit:QuickTime 8-bit XDCAM HD HD 1920x1080 29.97p Weitere Informationen
Ursprüngliches Film-/Videoformat:XDCAM HD 1080 30p
Quelle:Barcroft Media Video


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